Mr. John Ashish

Mr. John Ashish, Msc (Mumbai University) holds a Masters in Physics, and is currently offering his teaching and facilitating services to IB Diploma, and High School Students, in the CBSE Syllabus. While he is passionate about teaching, he is also a robust debater who represented his college in the Times of India- Speak for India Debate in 2016, and won Best Speaker, in 2018, for the Vidya Tarang Debate Competition conducted by The Institute of Science of The Philosophical Association. He has also won and strenuously organized collegiate level Science quizzes, exhibitions, lectures, and Sci-fi writing competitions. Mr. John brings a refreshingly modern take in his online classes through Phoenixtutor.

Ms. Anice Eldon

Ms. Anice Eldon, BSc, B.Ed, ( Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala) is an ambidextrous teacher with an experience of 24 years in the field of Mathematics. Her expertise in the subject has rewarded her to achieve the position of being the Head of the Department of Mathematics in Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Kochi, for the past 10 years. She offers her services in teaching CBSE students of grades 6 to 10, not just in school but via private tuitions as well. Her proficiency is well reflected in her being a part of the CBSE Evaluators for Grade 10, and a question paper author for grades 1 to 8 in the Progressive Curriculum Management Scholarship examinations. Phoenixtutor identifies Ms. Eldon as a valuable asset to the field of Mathematics and is proud to have her as a faculty member.

Ms. Nisha Babar

Ms. Nisha Babar, Msc, B.Ed, (Mumbai University) is a well experienced Secondary teacher of 9 years, with an aptitude in Physics. She focuses on adapting novel teaching methods to meet the varying needs of each student while also encouraging them to persevere when it comes to challenging tasks. Her in-depth knowledge of the ICSE, CBSE, and Maharashtra State Board syllabi makes her a flexible educator, and thus a respectable faculty member of Phoenixtutor.

Ms. Abiyamol Saji

Ms. Abiyamol Saji BSc, B.Ed, (Delhi University) is an enthusiastic Chemistry tutor and mentor with expertise in Nano Chemistry as well as Laboratory, and Equipment Safety. The gratitude and appreciation she has for the environment is the muse for the numerous activities she participates in, with regard to saving Mother Nature. She is also devoted to empowering children in need, and women in Chemistry. Phoenixtutor proudly represents Ms. Abiyamol’s ardor to endow students with her versatile talents.

Ms. Angela Eldon

Ms. Angela Eldon, Msc (Christ Deemed University Bangalore), has been a private tutor for 3 years, in Science with a specialization in Biology, for students from grades 7 to 12. She also balances working as a Soft Skills Trainer, and Content Developer at SPS Training Academy, along with the private tuitions she takes. Ms. Angela’s vigorous desire to constantly learn from, and contribute to the field of education is encouraged via Phoenixtutor.

Ms. Khushnuma Abbas

Ms. Khushnuma Abbas, MCA (NIT Bangalore) is an experienced Mathematics teacher with teaching experience in Banipark Coaching Institute, Jaipur. Her exceptional knowledge in the subject and varied teaching methodology made her a choice for the students always. She holds an eagerness to help students achieve excellence through constantly teaching them, as well as learning from them. Her services are treasured in Phoenixtutor.

Mr. Manoj Kumar M.N

Mr. Manoj Kumar M.N, B Tech, ( Kerala Technological University) is a Science, and Physical Education teacher who has taught in, both, Jnana Jyothi Public School, and Brilliant Science Tuition Centre. Bearing the accolade of a professional footballer, he is also an Android app developer for passenger safety and a prototype creator of the Smart Accident Prevention System for Vehicles. Phoenixtutor is proud to house the versatile Mr. Kumar as a faculty member.

Ms. Rebecca John

Ms. Rebecca John, MEng (Pursuing) (University of Oxford, UK) is a diligent Oxford student pursuing her Master of Engineering degree wherein she has been appointed as the Marketing Officer, and College Representative of the Oxford University Engineering Society, and Subject Representative for the subject Engineering Science in her college. Aside from being an Olympiad, Sastra Pratibha, ASSET, and ACER test rank holder with perfect scores in the SAT subject tests for Mathematics (Levels 1 & 2), Chemistry, and Physics, she is also a successful author of two books of poetry. Within the years 2012- 15, she has been recognized for her outstanding scholastic, co-curricular, and poetic accolades thus winning national laurels for the same. The students will be inspired by the intellectual, and resourceful Ms. Rebecca, being part of the Phoenixtutor faculty.

Mr. Abhik Choudhury

Mr. Abhik Choudhury, MSc, (Jadavpur University, Culcutta), is a passionate Physics teacher with a teaching experience of 4 years in the CBSE, and IGCSE curriculum for students ranging from grades 9 to 12. Mr. Choudhury’s eagerness to teach Combined Physics and Pure Physics reflect outstandingly in his career as a tutor, and facilitator in Success Point Coaching Institute as well as DRS International School, Hyderabad. He seeks to gain, and share the knowledge he has for his beloved subject through Phoenixtutor.

Ms. Lizbeth Mariam Itty

Ms. Lizbeth Mariam Itty, M.Sc, Physics, C. M. S. College, (Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala) is an excellent Physics teacher with a passion to educate young minds. Having completed her Post Graduate in Applied Physics, she worked as an assistant teacher in both Kerala State and CBSE schools. She has an excellent track record of expert communication skills, deep knowledge and passion for the subject, the ability to build caring relationships with students, friendliness, and humbleness, and organization skills, strong work ethic, and community-building skills. Also, she had taught as a guest lecturer for a short period of time. In every opportunity, Lizbeth looks forward to brightening the minds of the students through the concepts of the subject of Physics. Indeed, her passion for teaching and wide knowledge and experience in the subject will be an added advantage to Phoenixtutor students of all grades.

Noah Bennet

Noah Bennet (Msc, Mathematics, The American College, Madurai, Tamilnadu) is a proven mathematics teacher, with 9 years of exclusive mathematics teaching experience. He has an excellent track record of expert communication skills, superior listening skills, deep knowledge and passion for the subject, the ability to build caring relationships with students, friendliness and approachability, excellent preparation and organization skills, a strong work ethic, and community-building skills. His easy methods and tricks to master the math logics will help his students understand the concepts easily and automatically. No doubt, Bennet’s 9 years of experience in mathematics will benefit students of all grades alike.