At the outset, let me start with my sincere gratitude to our office team and faculty for making it possible to have the Phoenixtutor web application live for students.

Education is an essential part of life irrespective of modern or ancient societies. There are many examples we can see from history in which education and educators were treated with great value and were considered very important.

Refineries are set up to refine crude oil to usable oil-products and sub-products. While crude oil is also called oil, it is not usable for day to day life. Thus is education too, the man without education is just a crude or carnal man. Gold is precious indeed. But it gains value when it goes through refining. The more it goes through refineries the more it gains value and demand.

A man without education is just like a carnal man who is not fit for the society. Indeed genes are responsible for our basic demeanor, character comes with education and experience. Education has, thus, an important role in bringing up mature and refined citizens for the nation.

Education changes the behavior, attitudes, and thinking of people. While civilization contributes good values to society as a whole, culture comes to people only if they are educated.

So the role of education in modern society is inevitable. There are many educational institutions in our society today. No doubt they are doing a remarkable job in imparting values to society. We have always seen that the students who excelled in their exams have a story behind it, such as that he/she did it because there was a great teacher or a good mentor behind their great victory apart from the school where they studied. Sometimes, we called it private tuition. And finally, those students became the creamy of the school, society, and even the home. The pity of the modern society is: not everybody has the privilege to have that great teacher or mentor because it is highly expensive and not affordable to the common student.

We at Phoenixtutor make it possible- private tuition affordable for common students. Yes, our goal is to provide quality education to all those who wish to have it at their fingertips for a very reasonable price. Moreover, we offer a system wherein the students may avail of the class as many number of times as they want, plus we also offer live/interactive sessions for them to clarify their doubts if any. All these are priced in one as a package. There are no additional rates.

I encourage parents to opt for Phoenixtutor as your child’s online learning platform.

Finally, I once again thank our team for their great efforts.

Learning is as important as food, and learning is never-ending. I wish you all ‘Happy learning’!

Managing Director – Courses