CBSE Physics 08 [ 1 Year Course ]


NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Science is essential for CBSE students studying in class 8. NCERT syllabus for Class 8 is framed by expert teachers to help students in their class 08 exam preparation and to clear doubts and clarifications. With Phoenixtutor students can get the answers to the questions provided in the textbook. Our solutions will help you in understanding the concepts in a much better way and to prepare for the examinations.
If you have trouble understanding a topic related to Science, you can verify the answers to the questions given at the end of each topic in the book. Phoenixtutor provides CBSE class 8  science solutions learn easily from anywhere and at any time.
Features of NCERT Solutions for Class 8
• These solutions include chapter-wise & exercise-wise solutions to class 8 respective textbook questions
• The solutions are easy to understand and are provided in simple words.
• Diagrams are included for better understanding.
• CBSE Class 8  Science Solutions are given in a step-by-step manner to help students understand each concept easily.

What Will I Learn?

  • Equipping the students for CBSE exam

Topics for this course

46 Lessons

Physics_08 Chapter 11 Force and Pressure

Force and Pressure 11.1 [ Session 1 ]6:00
Force and Pressure 11.2 [ Session 2 ]14:15
Force and Pressure 11.3 [ Session 3]14:28
Force and Pressure 11.4 [Session 4 ]17:24
Grade 8 PHYSICS Chapter 11 Force and Pressure [ Presentation]2:11
Assessment 11 Chapter 11. Force and Pressure

Physics_08 Chapter 12 Friction

Physics_08 Chapter 13 Sound

Physics_08 Chapter 14 Chemical Effects of Electric Current

Physics_08 Chapter 15 Some Natural phenomena

Physics_08 Chapter 16 Light

Physics_08 Chapter 17 Stars & Solar Systems

3,250.00 2,500.00

Material Includes

  • Video Classes and Live Sessions


  • Textbooks, notebooks and any other study materials

Target Audience

  • CBSE Students
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